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“In the attitude of silence, the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Yoga & Yoga Nidra

With her training through Devon School of Yoga, Chloe brings a range of practices to her yoga classes and is grounded in the root of yoga which is to reunite body and mind.

Using a calm pace of asana, pranayama, mudra and mantra guidance is given to explore and return to the spaces in between to tap into our latent inner calm and comfort.


A training in progress with Alchemy of Breath to explore a modern day resurgence of the power of breath. Inspired by the pranayama practices of the yogi sages of old and by holotropic breathing practices the conscious connected breath is a readily available tool that can be used to deeply connect to the truth of your experience, your authentic self and  to the archives of your life story held within your body.

Held as one-to-one or group sessions, breathworks are carried out to music to help assist the process.

Mindfulness & Compassion

Understanding present moment awareness and its benefits through knowledge and practice, and learning to cultivate a kindness within and without.  With training through Mindfulness UK Chloe gives guidance on mindfulness practices which allow us to soften judgement, to make way for a clearer connection to ourselves and our lives in a meaningful way.


A powerful way to quieten the mind, to connect to ourselves and to a living tradition that stretches back thousands of years.  A simple way to come together in community, as one voice in a judgment free space for self-exploration. Chloe holds weekly mantra sessions via Zoom.

Chloe Cesca


The felt sense of who I am as I write today...

I feel like a seeker, a helper, an explorer, a lover of life and its myriad experiences and sensations. I love to learn, to listen, to hold.  To seek fulfillment and support others to find their fulfillment.  Counselling studies, breathwork, coaching, yoga, mindfulness & compassion, dancing, mantra, walking, gardening, reading, taking on new challenges, and spending time out in nature with my beautiful dog Nera are all the things that light me up.

"Chloe is a skilled, clear and calm teacher, tuned in to her students offering a variety of accessible yoga based sessions, and the joy is you don't need to be a bendy, lycra-wearing yogi to enjoy them. How can something so gentle, relaxing and flowing be so fundamental in it's impact?!"
- Nicola

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